The back of my mouth I believe my right tonsil next to the uvula is swollen and enlarged. It's hard to eat. What can I do for right now as treatment?

See a doctor... It is hard to say without knowing more or being able to see you. There really isn't that much you can do on your own....It sounds like you may have a peritonsillar abscess....If it is hard to eat or swallow you really should be seen by a doctor without delay.
Ludwig angina. If uvula is shifted, tonsils are swollen, floor of mouth (under tongue ) is elevated, are drooling, have goofy voice, cannot swallow, have to strech neck to breath the you better go to er now (cannot be alone).
Ludwig angina. If uvula is shifted, floor of mouth (under tongue) is elevated, tonsilar pillar swollen, your are drooling, hard/cannot swallow, have goofy voice , have to strech neck to get air then you need to call 911.