Blurred vision in one eye, headaches, muscle twitches, dark/yellow circles around eyes. Cat scan of brain & blood work normal. Sound serious?

See an eye doc. Even though cat scan normal, you should still be seen by an ophthalmologist given your symptoms especially if they are progressive. It could be as simple as needing an updated pair of glasses if this is just eye strain(which can cause blurred vision, headaches, and stress related twitching around eyes), but it needs to be ruled out because it could be more serious.

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Constant headaches, muscle twitches everywhere. Pins and needles, dark circles around both eyes. Cat scan on brain & blood work normal.

Headaches Twitches. Headaches, twitches of muscles and pins and needles sensations make me think of something neurological including seizures. There are different types. I would recommend further evaluation including a toxicology screen and perhaps an eeg. Read more...