How does in vitro works & how much does it cost to have it done?

LAB FERTILIZATION. Ivf means the egg and sperm are fertillized in the lab, in a petri dish rather than in a womans tubes. Traditionally the female is given fertility medications to help the ovary to make more than one egg and then the eggs are removed from the ovary. The eggs and sperm are put together in the lab in a petri dish to fertilize. Several days later, the embryo is transferred into the uterus.
Test Tube Baby. "in vitro" literally means "in the glass" and that is where an egg and sperm are mixed in order to achieve fertilization thus the term "test tube baby". Costs vary and may be covered by some third party payors depending on provisions.
In vitro. Please be more specific on your question so we can help you.
SImpe-easy-<3 weeks. In-vitro 1. Three types of medications a. Meds to recruit eggs b. Meds to prevent ovulation c. Meds to mature eggs 2. Egg harvesting with sedation throught the vagina 3. Inseminating eggs with sperm 4. Making embryos 5. Transferring back to one's uterus there are many variants like natural cycle ivf (no meds) 3rd party eggs-sperm-uterus called surrogacy. Costs vary around the country.
IVF Affordable. In vitro means outside the body, which is where we combine the egg and sperm. We stim woman with drugs, suction eggs from ovaries with sedation, male provide sperm sample, lab combines them and we transfer embryo(s) into uterus. Takes 1 mo. Ave cost U.S. Is $12.5k but many of us offer refund guarantee if no live baby. Cheaper than many treatments because it works better. Good luck.