What courses will I need to take to become a neurologist?

A good start... Would be medical school. Neurologists have a 4 year residency after med school. If you're not in med school i would concentrate more on making this happen first. In that vein, contrary to popular belief, a specific set of courses (biology etc) is not necessary (save for prerequisites). One of the brightest physicians i know got his undergrad degree in photography? First, love what you do!
College. Undergraduate college: take courses that are required by medical schools, biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, calculus or stats. Talk to your college's medical advisor for suggestions. In medical school, you all take the same courses & can specialize in neurology once you graduate medical school & get into a residency program. Hope that helps & good luck!
Neurology. In order to become a neurologist, you will need to complete college, medical school, and a residency in neurology.