Diagnosed EBV now seems gone on to serious autoimmune disease symptoms muscle weakness stiffness in muscles numbness loss of sensation?

Disconcerting. Thoughts might include an inflammatory autoimmune neuritis, cidp, even onset of ms, which is associated about 99% of adult pts. Need to get this diagnosed and treated. You may need spinal fluid and various blood studies.

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Ebv positive which caused autoimmune disease struggle to breathe move lungs numbness loss of sensation muscle stiffness weakness muscle heavyness?

? Guillain-Barre ? Not sure what you wish answered, but your description could be c/w an acute immune polyneuritis called guillain-barre, or even onset of a chronic process called cidp. If you have been diagnosed, perhaps you may improve with ivig infusions. However, please clarify what you need answered and we will amplify our responses. Read more...