My sinuses arr causing hearing loss, how do I reduce the preasure. On colfd &flu, medication & antihistimine.?

Sinuses & ears. I'd hold off on the antihistamine since they tend to lock congestion in place, leading to increased pressure & pain. Switch to a decongestant (otc but may have to ask for it from pharmacist) which will shrink membranes in sinus passages, allowing congestion to drain. Chewing gum may also help open eustachian tubes & remove fluid from middle ear space.
Sinuses and ears. The middle ear space is like a tiny sinus - an air-containing space that connects to the nose. It is therefore not uncommon for allergies, colds, and bacterial infections to involve both the sinuses and ears. These areas can best be examined with nasal endoscopy and a hearing test, both available at any otolayngology (ear, nose and throat) office. Find a physician near you at www.Entnet.Org.