What are the long term effects of anemia?

Anemia over time. Does not produce major other issues, but fatigue and shortness of breath are at least lifestyle if not quality of life limiting.

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What are long term effects of severe anemia? From bloodletting, looking4 reasons 2stop. My hgb was 39 b4 transfus (5/26/15) told will die if dont stop

Dying isn't enough? If you need more reasons than death, you should go see your Family Doc for referral to Psychiatrist. As an aside, I suspect it was your hematocrit that was 39 & your hemoglobin was actually 13 which is really quite normal, so I'm not sure why you're considered anemic or received transfusion. Most likely, those are values after. But since you're asking for more reasons to stop, see Psychiatrist. Read more...