Hi. I've been having shoulder pain. I've been told it's rotator cuff related, but I've been told it's not likely torn. Would acupuncture help?

Shoulder pain. Acupuncture is definitely something to consider, but I would consider a trial of anti-inflammatories (or a corticosteroid injection) and physical therapy first.
Shoulder pain. Yes, it could help. But, I would have the acupuncture first +/- nonsteroidals meds like ibuprofen. Typically, steroids interfere with successful treatment with acupuncture. If you already had steroid injection wait a few weeks until you try acupuncture. It is o-k to use nsaids, tylenol (acetaminophen) etc. Simultaneously with acupuncture. Steroids typically nullify the positive effects of acupuncture-don't know why!
Sure. Rotator cuff related is a vague description but may include common problems such as bursitis, impingement, rotator cuff tendinitis and or tear, biceps problems, and stiffness. Additional clarity of diagnosis would be ideal. Your orthopedist may recommend nsaid's, therapy, and or injection if necessary. Acupuncture is an option.