I have all symtoms of a herniated disc for the C8 nerve root, but MRI shows normal, I've had no trauma. Pain lasting for 11 yrs, im 28. Any diag ideas?

MRI not perfect. Mri is the more clear image we have. It doesn't pick up everything. After 11 years you can know you don't have anything dangerous. If you have all the symptoms at c8 (as diagnosed by a neurologist), it is likely c8 causing the problem. After autopsy they have found problems with people at a microscopic level that couldn't be seen on mri. Unfortunately, that doesn't help your pain.
C8 Pain. I agree with previous doctor -- additional studies that may be helpful are an emg/ncs (electromyelogram/nerve conduction study) which can be done by a neurologist, or a discogram which can be performed by a radiologist/pain management physician.