How do you treat an ear infection on a 5yr old?

Pediatrician. If your child is otherwise healthy, you may consider observation and rest as most ear infections in children resolve spontaneously. Antibiotics are often used unnecesarily for ear infections in children, resulting in community problems of antibiotic resistance. But if your child has high fever, vomiting or the pus is draining from the ear, you should take the child to a pediatrician.
Different treatments. There are different types of ear infections that require different treatments. If your child has congestion, encourage him to blow his nose and keep him propped up on pillows at night. This will help to relieve some of the congestion that can lead to a middle ear infection.
See the doctor. If its viral it will resolve on its own but if not it will need an rx.

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My 40lbs 5yr old was given a dosage of 12.5 ml twice a day of liquid amoxicillin (400mg/5ml) for ear infection. Is this correct?

Max dose. That is the maximum recommended dose for your child's weight, age and reason for using the medication. If you have any further concerns, please be sure to discuss with treating provider. Hope your child is better soon. Dr R.