I'm obese and have fibromyalgia. I juat worked out for the 1st time in a yr an now my right hand ia swollen. What can I do to help the pain.?

Right hand swelling. Hand swelling after exercise can be as simple as dependent swelling (swelling due to hand position during exercise) or more complicated (obstruction of venous blood flow return, trauma, arthritis) -- for now, elevate the hand and avoid Ibuprofen (tylenol (acetaminophen) ok) -- if it persists, make an appointment with your doctor! if there is severe pain, go to the er.
Ice/antiinflammatory. Recommend rice therapy (rest, an ice-pack, and elevation). An anti-inflammatory medicine may also help-but it should be cleared by your doctor since these can cause side effects or interact with other medicines. Finally, if it doesn't improve, you should be evaluated to make sure you haven't broken a bone.