Can some tell me the cost of haveing vasectomy reversal please?

Urologist. Talk to your urologist. It varies with procedure and region of the country.
Variable. Least expensive is office vasectomy under local anesthesia, most expensive + usually not necessary in hospital setting under general anesthesia. Charges vary, call couple of urology practices and enquire cost, they should tell u over the phone. Remember higher fees do not mean better care or surgeon.

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Can you tell me about non scalpel vasectomy vs conventional vasectomy: reversal chances the same?

Same. How the puncture in the skin is made (to access the vas) is irrelevant to the success or complications of vasectomy. No matter how the procedure is marketed to anxious young males, a puncture must be made in the skin with some sort of sharp instrument. If you think you may EVER want the vasectomy reversed, you should not have a vasectomy. The best pregnancy rate of reversal is about 50%. . Read more...