Can I give my baby an antiseptic spray for his sore throat?

No. Not at all, very dangerous to use any product without discussing with your pediatrician.
No. Most of the time i prefer not give babies many medicines, but if they do seem bothered by their throats i would rather use tylenol (acetaminophen) or Motrin (ibuprofen if older then 6 months). Cool liquids can also be helpful.
No. A baby with a sore throat or suspected sore throat should be seen by the doctor soon, to see if there is a strep throat infection. Throat sprays are not for babies. If a young baby (under 3 months) is appearing to have a "sore throat" and not eating as much, there may be a more serious illness going on, so parents should contact the doctor right away.
No. I would first ask how you know that your baby has a sore throat - they may have sore gums, or might just not like eating. I would next remind you that over the counter throat sprays contain lidocaine, which can build up rapidly in a small baby and result in an irregular heart beat. If you really think your child has a sore throat, the best person to see is your medical provider.
No. Antiseptic sprays are not effective enough to be worth the effort of spraying a baby's throat if the baby resists and most babies will resist.
Yes. Typically the topical antiseptic sprays are difficult to use in babies because they will have trouble opening their mouth wide enough for you to use the spray effectively. They are safe though, and can be used once or twice a day. A better option would be oral medication like Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen to relieve his or her sore throat.
No. I do not think it is necessary. Depends on the age of the child your provider may determine if strep is the problem. Otherwise most sore throats are viral. Sometimes i recommend acetaminophen.
No. While some pain relieving medications are ok for babies (acetaminophen and Ibuprofen if baby is over 6 months), the chemicals in sprays may not be safe for a young baby. Avoid those and rely instead on systemic medicines if needed. On occasion your pediatrician may suggest a pain-relieving gel or topical liquid, but do not use them without discussing it with your doctor.
No. I don't that would be wise. Ingredients in those can cause seizures in high doses, and no one knows how much is safe for a baby; also they can irritate the throat and cause it to close up.

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