Is general anesthesia worth the cost for impacted wisdom teeth?

Yes. If your wisdom teeth are impacted then sedation is a great option so tha you will be comfortable. It is worth the extra cost. However discuss your options with your doctor.
Talk to Dentist. Most teeth extractions can be done under local anesthesia with a cooperative patient. If there are especially impacted teeth then some sedation might be indicated. It is rare that a full general anesthetic would be needed for dental extraction. If you have concerns please contact your dentist and discuss these fears with him. Good luck.
Yup. You won't feel a thing and you won't remember anything.
Yes. Yes it is worth the cost if you need it. So if your doctor is recommending that you need general anesthesia it is worth the cost. If you are a nervous and anxious patient then it may also be very well worth the cost.
See below. Worth the cost may not be a fair question. Often it can be done with local anesthetic and sedation, but if your dentist feels that general anesthesia is needed, go along with his recommendation.
More than luxury. This is a very subjective question - but from performing over 15, 000 of these procedures and virtually everyone was sedated moderately or deeply (some having financial restrictions), patients who had difficulty paying for the anesthesia all confirmed that this was money well spent. Additionally, I have had patients who have had 2 removed with local elsewhere in the past and said the regretted it.
GA-impacted teeth? It's always worth the cost if you must have or want something. That is a personal decision and not a right or wrong answer. It is rare that someone needs general anesthesia to remove wisdom teeth. That is usually reserved for patients with certain medical issues or mentally handicapped. Are you referring to IV sedation which is a completely different story. A great aid but not always necessary.