Could an abnormality in a parents chromosome 8 be hereditary? She developed mds and died from it.

Yes. An abnormality on any chromosome can be hereditary, as our chromosomes carry the genetic material that we give to our children. Not all chromosomal abnormalities, however, are genetically received. Some can happen spontaneously.
? Abnormality vs info. Information is passed on chromasomes & a variety of conditions have been linked to the code passed in genes. New mutations or chromasomal aberrations can be part of developing a cancer & are likely seen only in the dysplastic tissue/blood (not the genes passed to kids). Mds reports list associations with chms 2/3/4 &20 but I couldn't find any on 8.See: www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/omim. Org/entry/614286.