Wisdom teeth extraction soon - should I be put under or just use local anesthesia?

Local. The best is to only use the local anesthetics to get the area fully numb. The sedation route can cause too many problems that are too complex. People elect sedation based on their fear that is artificially produced. Be smart and use only the local.
Anesthesia. Intravenous sedation is a very safe and effective form of anesthesia for the surgical removal of wisdom teeth. Of course, local anesthesia would be used as well. For many patients with anxiety about the procedure, intravenous sedation is clearly indicated and should be used. Your vital signs will be carefully monitored, you will likely have no memory of the procedure, and the risks are low.
Talk to Dentist. Local anesthesia and sedation are all that usually required.
Talk to Dentist. Most teeth extractions can be done under local anesthesia with a cooperative patient. If there are especially impacted teeth then some sedation might be indicated. I don't even remember the procedure after a little dose of valium. If you have concerns please contact your dentist and discuss these fears with him. General anesthesia should not be needed. Good luck.