I have a friend that has stage three breast cancer in both breast and it has spread to the liver. What is her survival rate?

Depends. Stage 3 means armpit lymph node in involvement. Spread to other organs means stage 4. Treatment options vary. Best option is for her to have a review by a good oncologist for possible treatment options.
Survival? I want you to think about my answer-because it is the best. Metastatic breast cancer at this moment is not curable. But often can be "controllable" for sometimes long periods of time--years+. Current treatments are improving. The quality of time has alot to do with mindset of the pt. Enjoying every day, trying alternative treatments-along with trad tx. Being loved-support helps alot.
Guarded. Spreding to the liver is obviously a more aggressive disease. However, the prognosis will vary based on: do the cancer cells express her2 & hormonal receptors; if the cancer was already in the liver on presentation or spread to it while on treatment; can the tumors be surgically excised, etc. You need to have a detailed discussion with your cancer doctor.
Everyone's different. Survival rates are most appropriately applied to large groups of patients; it's impossible to give such a number for one person, especially without knowing her own unique situation. As a generalization, we usually talk about "remission" rather than "cure" when cancer has spread to the liver (stage 4, by definition) since it is very difficult to completely eradicate cancer in that setting.

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Women under 40 with breast cancer have a lower survival rate than older women?

It depends. the hormone levels of a younger woman are high and can affect the breast cancer and treatments. the behavior of cancers in younger people in general behave more aggressively because the blood supply, metabolism etc are more active in younger people. it depends upon the biology of the tumor, the staging, the genetics. early detection is a major factor in long term survival. Read more...