What can I do to reduce stomach distention caused by ibs?

Diet and fluids. I rarely prescribe meds for ibs. In my experience teaching people to eat and drink properly resolves most if not all symptoms when the patient is compliant and follows through. Hi fiber, 80-100 ounces non caffeine, non alcoholic beverages each day, regular meal times, excercise. Consistency is the key to being symptom free.

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How do I reduce stomach distention from my ibs?

It depends. It depends on what you can eat. If you have a problem with foods that are spicy, rich, or acidic, then avoid those foods. You might need to avoid lactose foods, like milk. Avoiding stress and an overall high fiber, bland diet would help a great deal if not already done. A visit to your doctor to get tested, and work out therapy can help. Read more...

Symptoms: dark loose stools, difficult/incomplete evacuation, severe abdominal distention from trapped gas, mucous. Diagnosed IBS. I think Proctitis?

Typical IBS symptoms. As you suspect, these symptoms indeed are consistent with irritable bowel syndrome. But they aren't particularly suggestive of proctitis (inflmmation of the rectum). Inflammatory bowel disease (e.g. Crohn's disease) can cause similar symptoms as IBS, and also can cause proctitis. So I suggest you raise these questions with the doctor who diagnosed IBS then follow her advice. Good luck! Read more...