What if the pain goes from the neck to toes almost all joints downward miserable! (shoulders, elbows, wrists, thumbs, fingers, back, knees, feet, etc.?

See your doctor. If you have pain in the joints - both sides all joints, it is more likely to be some type of internal cause of arthritis. Detail like how long it has been there, what the joints look like will help your doctor decide the cause. It is worth seeing your doctor for this.
Maybe something else. Not all pain is due to arthritis. This does not sound like arthritis yet. We need more information. Are there swollen joints? How does this interefer with your life? Other possible explanations include muscular or neurologic initiating from the neck. Although you feel miserable we need more where, when what, how. This information helps clarify your misery so we can help you.

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My daughter, age 7, has been suffering from foot/ankle pain and has now spread to knee, calf, elbow, neck, shoulder, hip, fingers however all her bl?

Obvious arthritis. Apart from pain and inability to do or enjoy normal physical activities, inflammation is damaging to the heart and blood vessels. Because of the rapid spread, and seemingly aggressive nature, she should see a rheumatologist, and if non avalable, at least and internal medicine specialist or her family practitioner. Her prob is not-orthopeadic in nature or fibromyalgia. Too joint specific. Help her.
Juvenile arthritis. Migrating joint pain can be a sign of juvenile arthritis but also can be infectious. I would consult your pediatrician for a complete workup.

Tingle in right hand and finger tips, sharp pain in neck area when I lower my head also pain in elbow joint and shoulder blade all on right side.

Cerivical radiculiti. Sounds like you have a herniated disc or pinched nerve in your neck. Reproduction of the pain and numbness while bending your neck to the affected side is called a positive "spurling's sign". Your shoulder blade pain is also characteristic of this. Would start with some otc antiiflams and if pain persists or weakness develops in hand or numbness persists would seek attention.