When is a good time to stop swaddling my child?

When Baby Says No . Altho swaddling can restrict the baby's movements, there is no long effect upon the baby's development. Thus if it helps keep the baby comfortable, don't stop. If the baby does not like swaddling, he/she will fuss until you let them free.
4 months. Most babies enjoy being swaddles for the first few months after birth. By four months, infants are starting to roll over and are often big enough that they can kick their way out of even the tightest swaddling. This is usually the time to stop swaddling them.
As soon as possible. Babies may need swaddling after birth to settle into sleep.It replicates the tight quarters of the womb & newborns can be startled by arms and legs moving freely,which they are not use to.However, gradually loosening the wrap to the point baby is comfortable without, is a goal to reach.As soon as baby starts to move more they can twist in the wrap and suffocate. We lose babies every year that way.
Swaddling. Many newborns love to be swaddled. It allows them to keep there arms and legs flexed and close to their body, like they were in utero. It also helps prevent the "startle reflex" which can wake them up. After about 2 -3 months, most babies would rather have room to stretch, and perfect their arm and leg movements. Swaddling is most useful in the first 6 weeks to help a baby settle and sleep.