How to reduce hot flash side effect of lupron (leuprolide)?

Consider neurontin (gabapentin) It was not specifically studied for hot flashes with lupron, (leuprolide) however, neurontin, in a study this year, worked as well as estrogen for hot flashes. Ssri antidepressants have been used for hot flashes but have never been shown to work as well as hormones. Neurontin has been used for some time with hot flashes but a head to head study showing it is as good as hormonal treatment is impressive.

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On lupron (leuprolide).Cant sleep and bad hot flashes. What can I do?

Add-back therapy. Ask your doctor about prescribing you add-back therapy while you are on lupron (leuprolide). It is a Progesterone medication that can help alleviate the side effect symptoms from lupron (leuprolide).

Was on lupron (leuprolide) for 10 months for endo. It's 9 months later and no period, and have hot flashes still. My doc says can take up to a year, is that true?

Doubtful. If your last Lupron (leuprolide) dose was nine months ago and if it was the Depo-Provera form, that would last only approximately for three months. Ovulation should have resume within 4 to 8 weeks afterwards. An evaluation needs to be performed to see whether if your ovarian supply is compromised or you're not ovulating due to another cause.