What is the best method of prevention to AAA (acute abdominal aneurysm)?

AAA Prevention. Key ways to prevent AAA are to increase your general health. This includes stopping smoking, controlling diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, lowering your cholesterol and eating less salt. The best treatments for an AAA come from early diagnosis with regular check ups. If found early, they can be watched until something has to be done.
To prevent rupture. Use of both ultrasound screening for high risk groups and regular surveillance with ultrasound and then ct scanning when needed, of people who have been diagnosed with small aneurysms so that when they reach published size criteria, they can be repaired. This is how we minimize the risk of AAA disease.
TREAT High B.P. Since an AAA is a 'ballooning of the wall of the aorta' is has the tendency to rupture (and cause death). Aaa's can go undetected for years but an ultasound is a good screening tool (now approved for new medicare patients). The best prevention is to keep your blood pressure (b.P.) down (<140/90) since hi b.P. Is linked. Also diet , exercise, moderation of alcohol, and limiting salt intake may help.