My wrist is swollen and it tends to hurt and falls asleep what could this be? I work in a factory that envolves a lot of lift excetra.

Carpal tunnel. Any repetitive use of hands and wrist may cause swelling & compression of the 'median nerve' in the wrist causing 'the hand to fall sleep' . This 'pinched nerve syndrome' is called carpal tunnel. Wearing night splints may help, but you may need to get a nerve conduction study soon or you may have permanent damage.
Get eval. If carpal tunnel, you may benefit from a trial of splint/brace, nsaids, manipulation or non surgical intervention. Sometimes modification of work area w/ proper ergonomics helps relieve and prevent. Physical exam required. May benefit from nerve conduction study to confirm.
Probably Carpal Tunn. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most likely problem. Get it checked. You'll be happy you did.