Can a person get addicted to marijuana as they can to alcohol? Which is worse? Isn't alcohol hard to wean off of? Which is a "healthier" vice?

Thc vs alcohol. Yes both alcohol and marijuana are addictive. Often people with underlying conditions such as social phobia, generalized anxiety disorders and panic disorders use alcohol and or marijuana to self treat. Long term use of marijuana has been associated with development of psychosis (paranoia) and frontal lobe syndrome (apathy). Neither are good vices as it reaches addiction consumption.
Yes. There is marijuana withdrawal. 12-18 hours after last use, a habitual marijuana use will have increased irritability, sleep disturbance, and anxiety. There is also an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. This will last days to weeks. This is the cause of much of the mild irritability people have that motivates them to use at the end of a long day.
Yes. Alcohol is clearly more toxic to our bodies than cannabis. Cannabis addiction, however, can be severe and quite disabling for some. If you want a suggestion...Stop alcohol and only use cannabis edibles. If you feel something from the edibles you've taken too much but nonetheless it can help with cravings for alcohol etc. Behavioral support for any addicition helps! Check it out.