I go from depression to random happy moments, random burst of energy, hard to concentrate, want for sex, and push myself away from others. Signs of?

Depends how fast. If the depression lasts constantly for weeks or months, and then the happy, energetic times themselves last for a solid week or more, you may have bipolar disorder which is treatable with medication. But mood swings that occur over minutes or hours (ie, much faster) are usually a personality style, and better addressed in psychotherapy if it's a problem for you.
Rapid cycling. Brain is very precious and bipolar symptoms are form of brain asking for help as brain cells are firing at a very high speed and brain chemical Dopamine is very high making basic needs like sex drive very high, also very high percent of pt have adhd symptoms but it is like medical emergency, brain is having seizures different kind, so get help , it is easily treated , find a good university doctor.