What can you do to reduce poison ivy swelling?

Many remedies. Many remedies can help. One of the best is jewel weed lotion. Homeopathic rhus tox12x or 12c, 2 pellets under tongue 3x/day often helps- for other choices see http://www.Naturalnews.Com/026516_poison_ivy_remedies.Html these are available at health food stores. Also try vit c 1000 mg 4x/day or more and good old benadryl (diphenhydramine). For more ideas see http://www.Earthclinic.Com/cures/poison_ivy.Html.

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Is there a way, without medication, to reduce the eye swelling from poison ivy?

Maybe first be sure. You are dealing with poison ivy. But if you are certain then cold compresses may help...But usually you also need anithistamine pills..The itching and swelling can get pretty annoying. See a dr if it isn't getting better. Read more...