Swollen side of tongue?

Bite, allergy, infect, Perhaps you bit it and it got swollen; perhaps allergy to something you ate, or a medicine (prescribed or otc); or a small break in the tongue mucous membrane and infection set in; may be an entity called glossitis, an inflammation without clear cause. Usually it is self-limited problem, and nonspecific rx, warm saline gargles, antihistamine helps. If persists, dentist, oral surgeon, or ENT doc.
Get it looked at. How long has it been there? Does it hurt? Itch? Bleed? Are you a smoker? Do you chew tobacco? Let your family doctor check it out.

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Small swollen area on side of tongue. Is this oral herpes? No pain or outbreaks outside the mouth.

It's possible. But without seeing what it looks like a definitive diagnosis can't be made. It it's painful, take ibuprofen or acetaminophen. If it doesn't improve within 2-3 days or if it worsens, you should see your doctor.

My wife has a swollen growth at the side of tongue what could be responsible and what can cure it? Regards and thanks in advance

Oral surgeon. Your wife needs to have the growth evaluated. It may be nothing serious, but it can be, too. Smoker? Drinker? All factor into equation. Please call asap for appointment, even if there is no pain. The longer you wait, the more tissue will need to be removed if it has to be excised.
See oral surgeon. It's hard to tell what is going on without seeing where it is, what it looks like, etc. I recommend seeing an oral surgeon and possible having a biopsy of the tongue.

6 to 8 weeks swollen lump under the side of tongue. A bit hard with two whiteheads and is not healing. 1/2 inch lenght, painful, nonsmoker/drinker?

See oral surgeon. Or ENT. Most likely a benign bite fibroma, but exam by an expert is crucial because other things occur.