What occurs if I took 10 fluoxetine capsules?

Prozac (fluoxetine) Wondering what dose was each capsule?. What would drive u to do so?. Is there history of similar incidents?. Was Prozac (fluoxetine) not working 4u?. Bottom line is u need to let your doctor know & have your stomach pumped.
Overdose. If you took 10 fluoxetine capsules, it would constitute an overdose. Most likely you would not die, but could be quite uncomfortable. If contemplating self harm in any way, talk to someone: your doctor, your family, a friend, your therapist, call 911, or go to an er. If you have already done this, go to an er now.
Depends. Some people respond to 10 mg pf Prozac (fluoxetine) alpough the studies have shown that 20 mg is the minimal theraputic dose required, 10 mg had no difference with the placebo effect.