@dr appt today, told him was taking fish oil capsules daily. He told me that it "wasn't a good idea, and I should stop". Are benefits > risks?

Fish oil. Other doctors may have different opinions. I feel that there is fairly good evidence that fish oil can lower the risk of certain kinds of heart events; it is also an anti-inflammatory supplement good for chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Finally, there are several studies that show that people who take health supplements (regardless of which kind) are healthier than people who do not.
Controversial. The american heart association still recommends that patients with coronary artery disease take fish oil 1 gm daily; however recent data show that patients do not benefit with less heart attacks or strokes. It has also been known that fish oil increases the LDL (bad) cholesterol. At this point, main use of fish oil is to treat high tryglycerides.