Can blood in the urine without other symptoms be caused by baby aspirin? I take one in the morning and one at night. I started to notice pink urine.

See a urologist. Aspirin and other blood thinners can make it make it more likley that an abnormality in the urinary tract may cause bloody urine. Examples include urinary tract stones and bladder cancer. You should stop the Aspirin and see a urologist as soon as possible so that the appropriate testing may be done.
Blood in urine. Aspirin does mildly predispose to bleeding, but visible blood in the urine from a baby Aspirin is extremely rare. The most common cause of blood in the urine is a bladder infection. Are you peeing more frequently? Any burning on urination? Some times a food die can still retain its color in the urine. If you don't have symptoms, you can safely wait several days to see if it goes away.
Should not be cause. Firstly wonder why a baby Aspirin twice a day, usual is once as a preventative. However only 81mg (baby aspirin) should not cause blood in urine unless you have a bleesing disorder. This should be looked into as if you weren't takinh Aspirin at all. Consult with your dr. Good luck.

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Could blood in urine be from daily baby aspirin?

No. A daily baby Aspirin would not directly cause blood in the urine but it may make an underlying abnormality more prone to bleed (e.g. Stone, tumor, infection). Read more...