I just started using retinol a0.025% I want to know if I can use it around my eyes carefully, and also if 0.025% is effective on wrinkles?

Not really. Retinol should not be confused with Retin-A or tretinoin. Retinol, although in the same family needs to be broken down to retinaldehyde first and then converted to tretinoin. By that time it has much less effect on wrinkling, especially at such a low concentration. But even at that concentration, it can still cause significant irritation. Irritation without the benefits? Not a great choice.
Vit A Derivatives. Vitamin a derivatives (retinol, tretinoin, and retin-a) help to stimulate "cell turnover" in the surface layers of the skin. During the first 4-6 weeks of nightly use it is typical to see a fair amount of flaking of the skin and mild redness. This is an important part of the skin renewal process. 0.025% is mild and can be used sparingly around the eyes in the short term. May help reduce wrinkles.
Retin-A great. Retin-a is one of the only products that has been shown to improve and reduce wrinkle formation over time and with consistent use. I would recommend applying it full face, neck, chest and hands to decrease aging everywhere. I also recommend increasing the dose as your skin tolerates it to 0.05% then to 0.01% for optimal reduction in wrinkles make sure you as a sun block.