What are the side effects on getting I lipo?

It is surgery. Possibilities include swelling, pain, numbness, bleeding, bruising, asymmetry, wrinkling of skin, and rarely injury to deeper structures, fat emboli, and dangerous fluid shifts.
I-Lipo side effects. The major outcome is a poor result from this lipo technique! There are much better lipo types available.
Contour. Undesired results include irregular contour, removal of too much or too little fat, fluid collection under the skin, color change in the skin (rare), and (if ultrasound or laser is used) burn of the skin.
Complications. The complications of liposuction include bleeding, infection, nerve injury, numbness or hypersensitivity, contour irregularities, injury to deeper structures (such as muscle, or solid or hollow organs), fat or embolism, deep vein thrombosis, or significant fluid shifts. However, choosing a board certified surgeon who is aware of these complications will lessen the chance of complications.
Depends. All operations have risks. Liposuction requires proper patient selection. For optimal results, the skin over the localized areas of excess fat should be elastic--if not, the skin may become loose and irregular following liposuction. Small risks of infection, bleeding, and scarring.
Minor. Short term side effects include soreness and bruising. There is a very small chance of infection. In the long term, there could be contour irregularities. This is far less common with a well trained, experienced plastic surgeon.
Minimal. Liposuction has few side effects when performed by an experiened and properly trianed plastic surgeon. It is ideal for individuals who are of a normal bmi and who desire reshaping areas of their body(or face). Stubbon, exercise resistant pockets of fat are reshaped to achieve the desired contours. The goal is not to remove as much fat as possible, but to create a smooth, more pleasing silhouette.
Lipo or iLipo? Ilipo is a laser induced alteration of the fat cells which may produce fat loss via lymphatic dissoluton. Early results are controversial but it appears to be a very safe yet questionably effective modality for lipolysis.
Liposuction risks. Because of the risks discussed by dr. Matthew, we recommend liposuction for patients close to their ideal body weight who have focal areas of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. It is not a weight loss tool.