How do you feel about I lipo?

Good. Liposuction is ideal for areas of fatty excess that are causing undesirable contours. Common areas are the abdomen, love handles, and arms. It is very safe if performed by a well-trained, experienced plastic surgeon.
I-lipo. Nothing new. Best to to see an experience lipo surgeon, hopefully a boarded Plastic Surgeon. I prefer SmartLipo Triplex + Lipo.
I-lipo.... Is not real liposuction, it's a machine that uses led light on the skin to supposedly create fat loss. I am not convinced that it works at all - so save your money.
Lipo is popular. Liposuction is popular for a variety of reasons. It definitively removes fat deposits. However it does require attention to skin laxity and overall body shape. People generally want more than it can reasonably achieve and often look to it as a means of weight loss; however, it is not intended for weght loss. It is best for localized fatty deposits.
I Lipo-good or bad. I lipo is new tech that claims to reduce fat and tighten skin without surgery. I have no personal experience with I lipo, but their web site features an endorsement from a gynecologist, not a plastic surgeon. Many companies use a media splash, have no compelling scientific studies, and sell to non-plastic surgeons who want to break into the cosmetic field. Be careful. Don't expect too much.
Liposuction. My general attitude towards liposuction is negative. That is because there are significant risks from the procedure, particularly infection, and it is not a permanent cure for the problem.