What would cause a period to go bright red to light pink with blood clots and slimy discharge, and feel tired, and back pain?

Unusual period. What you need to do is do a pregnancy test. If is pozitive check with your doctor. If is negative and this symptoms bother you still see your doctor to find out the cause of it.

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3 weeks late on period. Feeling back pain nausea&fatigue. 3 days ago brown discharge next day light watery bleeding next day heavy tick blood clots?

Delayed periods. Can happen once in a while, make sure pregnancy test is negative if indicated. Expect heavy periods. If happens more than 3 cycles in a row see a physician. Warm pack in back and advil (ibuprofen) 2 to 3 only till pain is there if not contraindicated will help.

I am getting treated for yeast inf. Just got period really heavy blood clots and bright red. Also very tired bad cramps from yeast untreated til now?

Not normal. It is not normal to get cramps from yeast infection. The cramps and tiredness would be more from heavy bleeding. You didn't say wether heavy bleeding is new. At any rate you need to see a gynceclogisr soon.

Instead of my period I have brown discharge with hints of red blood with it and very small pieces of blood clots. I had protected sex. Whats wrong?

Uncertain. Your description can mean many things. You could have a lighter period than usual or You could have been pregnant and had a miscariage. It's hard to say Practise safe sex and choose from a reliable contraception to lower your risk of unintended pregnancy. With typical use, condoms hold a 18% failure rate.
Nothing. The brown material is, most likely, residual fragments of uterine/endometrial lining.

Really bad stomach cramps, heavy period with red goey discharge and blood clots. Whats wrong with me?

Likely nothing. It may be just a variation on your normal pattern of periods. If you continue to have heavy bleeding you should take oral iron supplements to prevent the development of low iron and anemia.

I have had bloody stools for over a month, water will be soild red. Alot of pain, big blood clots on tp and in stool also very stringy and now back pain?

Time to see your Dr. If you don't have a doctor, go to a prompt care or emergency room. You seriously need to be evaluated. This is lower GI bleeding, either from colon, anorectal area, or distal small bowel. I'm not going to go through the differential, I'm just telling you to get seen, and soon. Good luck.