Is it possible 2 get a cyst in ur labias right b4 ur 'entrance' or is it something else? N I've only been intimate wit 1 person n im lesbian watcanitb?

Bartholin Cyst? Possibly a Bartholin's cyst. Caused by a backup of fluid from the glands. May be painless, but can become infected. If infected it will be painful. Soaking in warm water may help clear the cyst. Call your doctor if it becomes extremely painful or it does not improve within a few days.
Vulvar cyst. Yes, it is possible. One cyst that is particularly common is called a Bartholin's cyst. You will usually need to see a gyn doctor to have it treated. Usually these are just swollen with mucousy material, but they can get infected, and then they really start to hurt. Other cysts that can occur in this area are small mucous retention cysts. Another rarer cause of multiple cysts is vestibulitis.