Can strep throat cause diarrhea?

Strep throat. Strep typical course: sudden illness within hours, fever, sore throat, white spot on tonsils, enlarged tender lymh node, no running nose, more common if < 15 yyears olf (rare after age 45 yr). Diarrhea is not a common symptoms. You may feel nauseous and vomit .
Strep throat. In general, the answer is "no." the strep germ will commonly cause upset stomach, mild stomach ache, and some nausea, but not diarrhea.

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3 yrs old fnshd 10 days of oral pencillin for strep throat. After about 4-5 days she has watery smetmes green color diarhea. Could it be due to penciln?

Yes. Yes, antibiotics can wipe out the natural bacteria in our GI systems. Make sure the child is well hydrated and you can feed her yogurt or probiotics to help repopulate her gut with natural bacteria. If the child develops fever, dehydration, vomiting, or the symptoms last a while, please see physician. Read more...

My son 7 is taking amoxicilin for strep throat for 2 days and has a stomachache no diarhea/vomitting no fever #2 is good is this normal?

Strep symptoms. The symptoms of a group a streptococcus infection include abdominal discomfort alongside the earlier fever & throat discomfort.The cause of the belly pain is not clear but the symptoms may increase or persist until the treatment has killed off enough strep to see improvement in the overall pattern. Read more...

Recent break up extremely stressful and drinkin heavy now have extreme strep throat and can't swallow and diarreah could it be from alcohol and stress?

Peculiar question. "Strep" throat is a bacterial infection you get after exposure to a source. If your drinking has impaired your hygiene (not washing your hands, sharing with an infected source) it could have an impact, but the booze does not cause strep throat. Booze does not cause diarrhea, although some may have it with stress.Sounds like you need to be tested and treated, whatever the cause. Read more...