Dizzy, head feels heavy&i feel like I'm falling to the left. Headache w tight neck (tension headache?) is dizziness related to headache? What can I do?

Complex headache. If you are truly having a persistent tendency to fall to the left with your headache, this is a specific abnormal neurological symptom and you need a full evaluation. This is not a feature of common headaches like muscle tension, and would be very rare even for migraine headache. Don't try any specific treatment until the cause of the headache is determined.
Please see physician. You can see your physician for an evaluation of these problems. You could have several things happening at the same time, or one thing causing all. Your doctor will want to know all about your symptoms and will need to do a neurological exam. Also will be checking for side effects of medications and other substances which can impact you. Good luck to you!

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See a doctor. I'm sorry, but we can't diagnose you from online. Please see a physician who can properly take your history, examine you, and treat you. Please do this as soon as you can -- sinus infections can worsen if not addressed. Be well. Read more...