I've been breast feeding my son since he was born he's going to turn 1 in a couple of weeks is it a good time to stop breast feeding?

No need. As long as you are supplementing your child's diet with solid food, there is no need to stop breastfeeding yet. In fact, the world health organization recommends continuing breastfeeding until 2 years of age. The "right" time to stop breastfeeding is whenever you and your child decide is best.
No. If you and your son still desire to breastfeed, it is great to continue! The american academy of pediatrics supports breastfeeding recommends continuing as long as mutually desired with mother and child. If ready to wean, discuss with your pediatrician. For more information, see this link. Http://tinyurl. Com/6ovxf88.
Open to Opinion. Breast feeding is both nutrition & nurturing. Many aboriginal cultures breast feed until 2yr and place on solids as their norm. These kids thrive as well as any. Within our culture, most are supportive until baby is able to sit at the table. I believe some babies need extended nurturing& if so that is ok. If you have to chase baby down to feed or they make it brief, it's certainly time to wean.
On the other hand. The age of natural weaning is around a year, as is the aap recommendation for breastfeeding. Developmentally, 15-month-olds get as crabby as little old ladies if things aren't "right." it will be harder to wean him then. He can wean to an open-mouthed cup with whole milk at a year when he can drink 2 oz. At a meal or consume 16-21 oz. Of milk & milk products/day. It's your decision to make.