What happens if you have a slipped disk in my lower back?

Slipped disc? Depends on wether your MRI results indicate a protruding disc or a herniated disc, and whether or not the involved disc material is encroaching on any nerves or you spinal cord. If you do not have a surgical lesion, then your treatment options are multiple, including but not limited to physical therapy, spinal manipulation, lumbar traction, weight reduction if applicable. Your dr. Should advise u.
Herniated disc. A slipped lumbar (low back) disc is a herniated disc. The gel substance between the vertebrae in the spine pushes against a nerve that runs to the leg and foot. A pinched nerve can result in low back pain, shooting pain down your buttock and leg, and numbness in the leg. The pain can be alleviated with medications and epidural steroid injections can be very helpful for this condition.
Disc herniation. This is a common term used for disv jherrniation the middsoft portion of a disc squeezes out through a crack out of the cemter and comes to pusjhon a nerve root which goes to your leg giving you terrible leg pain and this withrest can subside and resolve on its owm with time the disc herniation shrinks and then nerve calms down and you feel better.