What are the advantages/disadvantages of an ENT specialist as compared to seeing a nose plastic surgeon?

Both ENT & plastic. Surgeons are well versed in treating the nose, although ps tend to deal more with the cosmetic, and ENT tend to deal more with the functional airway issues. But that's not a hard and fast rule. Better to focus on the individual doctor, and his/her results.
Information. There may be little difference. Both are qualified to work on the external noseand the internal nose. If there is sinus work to be done also, then choose an ent. Please not that nose surgery is meticulous and exacting and should not be taken lighly. It is one of the most demanding procedures in all of plastic sugery.
Depends on surgeon. Each surgeon has a different skill set and training experience with many specializing in particular areas of expertise. Generally speaking ENT training programs focus on treating the medical conditions of the nose with a secondary focus on the aesthetic concerns whereas plastic surgery training programs focus on the aesthetic appearance with an underlying appreciation of functional implications.