My genitals itch and when I scratch, the top layer of skin flakes off- sometimes in large peices. Anti-fungal creams don't work.?

See doctor. You amy have intertrigo, a yeast infection or an allergic contact dermatitis. If topical otcs do not work you need press ription strength creams or oral medications after examination and possible lab tests.
Need a Dr's help. Flaking and itching go together. When the skin is inflamed, it responds by turning cells over faster. This leads to flaking. When over-the-counter treatments such as Hydrocortisone cream or anti-fungal creams don't help, then it's best to see a physician for assistance.
Itching. One thing it could be would be lichen simples chronicus. This is an itchy skin condition that can be very troublesome. Try an over the counter Hydrocortisone cream twice a day for a few weeks and if it doesn't help see a dermatologist.