I have a lump on side of knee cap doctor says its apart of my knee xray showed normal bone should I worry?

X-ray. Can't really answer without looking and examining you.
Knee lump. If the lump is to the side of your kneecap and the xrays do not show anything, the lump is likely outside of your knee joint. It could be an effusion from a meniscal tear, synovial cyst, lipoma. These do not show on xray. I would have this evaluated by a sports medicine or orthopaedic physician.

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My right knee pains incessantly. A lump was seen in the X-ray behind the knee cap & doctor has suggested an operation to remove it. What exactly is it?

See details. Have you had an MRI done? An xray is not reliable enough to decide anything. It is impossible to give a definite answer without being able to examine an MRI first hand. Several thing may cause swelling. Read more...
Not sure. Unclear as to what lump would be- typically cartilage damage can occur in this area. i suggest asking specifically for doc to give you more specific info before having surgery. Read more...