What sort of treatment is chest surgery?

Remove or repair. Most surgical treatments are recommended to patients to either repair, remove or replace a broken body part. For chest body parts, the possiblities of chest surgery treatment are many and include remove a lung, or a lung mass, repair an artery or a heart valve. You can ask your surgeon or doctor for more details about your condition and the details of the recommended chest surgery treatment.
That depends... For broken leg, its not a very good treatment (<-joke), but for early stage lung cancer its the standard of care for patients with sufficient lung and heart health. It is also used to operate on the heart, esophagus, and some vascular conditions in the chest (aortic aneurysm for example). I hope this helps answer your question, but if you could be more specific, we can try again.

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Have surgical clips in my chest but have never had chest surgery. Why is that?

Unusual. Maybe even impossible! Surgery as an infant? Upper abdominal surgery? Mediastinal or low neck surgery are you sure?
Previous surgery. Have you had surgery using clips anywhere else in your body? Where in your chest are the clips? Need a little more information.

What are the kinds of doctors that perform chest surgery?

Thoracic surgeons. Thoracic surgeons operate on the chest and the organs within: heart, lungs, esophagus, chest wall.
Agree. Agree with drpaliotta. Thoracic surgeons operate on the chest and the organs within: heart, lungs, esophagus, chest wall. You may also find a common title of "cardiothoracic surgeon" or in more specialized regions a distinction will be made between heart surgeons and non-heart surgeons, i.e. "cardiovascular surgeons" vs "thoracic surgeons".

Is there a way to fade a scar after chest surgery?

Maybe. If your scar is immature, (less than a year), it may continue to fade with time. Scar massage can be helpful. If the scar is thick, pink, itchy, it my be hypertrophic or a keloid. For this there are specific treatments and a qualified dermatologist or plastic surgeon should be able to advise you.
Silicone gel sheets. Use of silicone gel sheeting is effective in reducing the rope-like scars and redness. Worn for several hours each day, kept very clean when not in place, will shorten the scar maturation course. Thought due to keeping the wound occluded and moist.
Probably. Depending on the age and condition of the scar, silicone treatments may help. I recommend scar fade for most of my patients. Other products are available. For older scars, other treatments like peels, lasers, scar revisions, etc are available. Seek a knowledgable md.
Fading scars. In addition to tincture of time, one can help fade scars by keeping them out of the sun (this intensifies pigment production). There are also commercial products like silicone sheeting which help. One available otc is scar guard by johnson and johnson. It is less messy than liquid ones like Mederma but granny's cocoa butter works good with massage also!

Can I wear underwear during chest surgery? Since it is nowhere near down there will they allow it?

Chest surgery. It is not a good idea. Usually a urine catheter will be placed prior to surgery. Also, the sterile field prepared for surgery is much wider than the chest incision.

Does chest surgery hurt?

Yes. Chest surgery is almost always "major surgery". A good surgeon will be trained and experienced in minimally invasive techniques and choose the best surgical approach for you to achieve the surgical goal with the least invasive technique safely applicable. After surgery, techniques and medications will be used to alleviate pain and discomfort as much as is safely possible.

What is chest surgery like?

Depends. It really depends on the type of surgery that is being done. You should talk with your family practice physician or surgeon if you have specific questions about the type of chest surgery being done.
Honest discussion. Every patient is an individual. Important to discuss with your surgeon what are "reasonable expectations" of recovery and outcomes. A skilled thoracic surgeon will always seek the least invasive surgical technique possible to safely achieve the surgical goal and best outcome for you. He/she will describe before procedure their planned approach.

Have surgical clips in my chest but have never had chest surgery. How is this possible?

Unusual. Something happened! How did you see them? X-ray? Surgery? In childhood? Through the abdomen or neck? Any surgery at all?
Abdominal surgery? If you have undergone hiatal hernia repair, or other upper abdominal surgery, there may have been migration of clips into the chest.

Are there any doctors that perform FTM chest surgery in spokane wa?

Transgendered Care. If you do not find anyone close to home I work with a couple of surgeons in the seattle area that do this surgery for my FTM patients.

What do you advise if I had a chest surgery what do I tell my teacher?

Get a letter from MD. Not sure what you're asking. What does your teacher want to know? A letter from your doctor might provide the essential information.