What sort of problem requires appetite suppressants?

Appetite meds. If you can't lose weight and have tried exercise you might be a candidate for a trial of appetite suppressants. They work especially well for those who need to lose about 20-50 pounds. Seek out knowledgeable experienced physicians regarding the use of these meds. Your success depends on the physician and program.
Not able to lose. If you have been trying to lose weight--genuinely-- have been examined by a supportive physician, any medical, physical problems have been addressed and treated. Definitely, Plan B could be a trial of appetite suppressants prescibed by a knowledgable sympathetic weight management specialist. Plan c is bariatric surgery.
Appetite meds. If you have tried usual methods of weight loss-less calories-food, and exercise. --mostly less food. Keep a food activity/journal to be sure; for at least 3 months. Your are feeling generally well; you may consult a bariatric medical physician, a dr who has had special training in medical weight control.. An indepth history and phsyical done-labs and ekg. Luck.
Appetite suppressant. Appetite suppressants can be an effective treatment for severe obesity leading to 5-10% weight loss, but most insurance plans will not pay for these medications. They are clinically indicated in certain disease states like obesity with diabetes or morbid obesity. They are most useful for initiating weight loss while a long-term change in eating and exercise is undertaken.