What sort of problem is atrial fibrillation?

Irregular. Atrial fibrillation occurs when the atria, which deliver blood to the ventricles, receive an abnormal electrical signal and then beat erratically instead of in a coordinated, strong beat. The danger of atrial fibrillation is that the blood in the atria tends to stay there instead of getting pumped fully into the ventricles. This slow moving blood in the atria can then form blood clots.
Heart rhythm problem. Atrial fibrillation is a disorder of heart rhythm and is caused by abnormal electrical impulses originating around the pulmonary vein that spread to the upper heart chambers (atria). It can cause palpitations, shortness of breath and fatigue. The main risk is formation of blood clots in the heart that can cause stroke or peripheral embolization.
Atrial fibrillation. When the upper chambers (atria) stop contracting due to electrical chaos, the lower chambers (ventricles) beat rapidly and irregularly. A person with af may be unaware, aware, or very bothered. If other risk factors are present, the risk of blood clots and stroke may be increased. Treatment involves rate control, anticoagulation, and restoration of normal rhythm - all individualized for each pt, .

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Atrial fibrillation and psvt as well as blood sugar problems are possible diagnosis' for me but I am only 22 and am very active and healthy? How?

Depends. What risk factors do you have. Do you have endocrine problems? Do you have diabetes, thyroid problems? All these must be checked. Read more...
Need cardiac monitor. From your question, i assume you're having palpitations that have not yet been documented or diagnosed. You should have a 24-hour holter monitor, and possibly a long-term event monitor to see if it is a cardiac arrhythmia, and if so, what kind. Read more...

Having atrial fibrillation, I do not feel fast heart beat or shortness of breath, due to medication. Would air travel for 6 hours be a problem?

C Below. You have asymptomatic Afib. Depending on your CHADS2 Score or CHADSVASC you should be at least on Aspirin. My guess is that you likely should be on Warfarin also. - Air travel is as safe as staying at home watching a TV Show. What is important is your antiplatelt therapy or anticoagulation as needed. Read more...