What sort of problem is asbestosis?

Scarring of the lung. Asbestos exposure can result in tiny asbestos fibers getting deposited in the lungs. This causes inflammation, and scarring. The lungs get stiff, harder to inflate and oxygen transfer from lung to blood is impaired. This is called asbestosis. It is often progressive.In addition the lining around the lungs can scar ( pleural plaques) and is a cause of cancer involving this lining (mesothelioma).
Asbestosis. Prolonged exposure to airborne asbestos of a certain type (there are three and only one is serious) can lead to lung problems and a rare tumor called mesothelioma. It takes years of exposure. While there is a hype about asbestos removal, if you have it in your house it is best to paint it over rather than try to remove it. No risk is to be had from painted over asbestos.
Yes. It was a common problem , less seen recently . Happens after about 30 years of exposure . Lung scar and damage that is irreversible and likely progressive to lung fibrosis . Many presentations of asbestos exposure.