What sort of problem is arm swelling?

Arm swelling. Arm swelling is a relatively uncommon problem. The most common and usually obvious causes are related to trauma--falls, contusions, etc. Other rare but serious causes include a blood clot in the axillary vein (often in people who use crutches or lift heavy weights), or a rare late complication of an injury where the nerves are functioning wrong (reflex sympathetic dystrophy).

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Can you die from arm swelling?

It depend. What the cause for the arm sewlling? Could a lot thing some are bad, please check it out.
arm swelling. I can't see how atraumati arm swelling is very unusual subclavan vein thrombosis see a doctor if you have atraumatic arm swelling.

What is the definition or description of: arm swelling?

Could be infection. Swelling of the arm could be due to allergy, infection, poor circulation or lymphadema where the lymphatic drainage is blocked. If you have swelling you should see your doctor.
Not to be flippant. Really all one could say is swelling (medically known as edema) of the arm, from shoulder to wrist. Any more information forthcoming from a doctor, would be due to a more informative question.

Child woke up with bites on arm and arm swelling slightly, . Is this a spider?

Unlikely.. Spiter bites are uncommon. They don't have a reason to bite us unless threatened. Mosquitoes on the other hand feed off of us, thus the bites are much more likely from them. The swelling, if notpainful or progressively worst, is just from local reaction. Give a little bit of Benadryl (diphenhydramine) for now and see ur doctor if fever develops or if swelling painful or worsening over time. Consider fleas too.
Agree. Also consider bedbugs. These are an increasingly common problem. They tend to bite in a line (commonly referred to as breakfast, lunch, dinner), and there will be new ones in the morning.

Do I need to report arm swelling as a long-term health condition, or does it go away after being treated?

Symptom. Arm swelling is a symptom of some underlying condition rather than a diagnosis or health condition. To understand one must define the cause and then the appropriate treatment will be come apparent.

What could be the cause of the gland under your arm swelling if woman?

Breast disease. Let's hope it is an infection in your arm or your breast. Breast cancer can spread to the lymph nodes in your armpit and cause swelling. A swollen lymph node there should not be ignored. It requires prompt, competent medical evaluation.

Arm swelling after getting implanon?

Minor swelling okay. There may be a little local edema in the area surrounding the Implanon insertion site. If there is an expanding area of redness associated with the site, this may be a sign of infection. See your doctor.

What's the best treatment to get rid of arm swelling?

Arm swelling. The simple answer is to maintain your arm elevated as much as possible. For this you have to lie down or prop it up while sitting. The more important issue, of course, is to determine what is causing the swelling and to treat the cause directly. Potential causes include accidents, bruises, infection, blood clots, tumors, and nerve conditions.