How can a breast surgery perform to drain ducts in a case of mastitis?

Drainage. In most cases a simple incision and drainage can be done in the office. A needle can be used as well. Once the infection resolves, surgery may not be necessary in many cases. Doing surgery early often leads to unnecessary breast tissue being removed and deformity. Speak to your surgeon to find out what the plan is to be.
Mastitis. Treatment of mastitis depends on exactly what is found during physical examination. Often, an incision and drainage procedure (an incision made over an area of undrained pus) is very effective. Antibiotics (oral or intravenous) are usually necessary as well.

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How is a breast surgery performed to drain ducts in a case of mastitis?

Periductal Mastitis. Periductal mastitis is a chronic infection of the nipple ducts that often requires excision of the affected duct and secondary healing. This is associated w/smoking; in my experience, the outcome is poor w/o quitting. This is very different from mastitis associated with breast feeding, which does not require surgical treatment (responsive to antibiotics). Read more...

Had breast surgery last Monday morning I have a drain tube in what type of drainage should I be seeing now? Bloody? Clear? I'm not sure

See your doctor. Most drain tubes are removed in 72 hours or so. Your drainage should be getting less every day and getting lighter and clearer. Please call your doctor or see him soon. Read more...

I had emergency breast surgery last Monday morning, I still have a tube in my breast draining, but I have swelling in my upper chest area and rash?

Surgery. It is of utmost importance you call the surgeon and get a follow-up appt to have the area addressed and assessed post operatively. You may be developing post operative issues that the surgeon will need to know and that may need treatment . Best wishes. Read more...