What sort of problem is an inhaled object or foreign body?

Oops. Cough and wheezing with frequent pneumonia, need extraction asap.
Go to ER. Aspirated foreign bodies are emergencies because they can lead to inadequate breathing and infection. Old air gets trapped in the lung behind the object, leading to poor lung fxn or pneumonia. The object can also wedge into a more dangerous position if left alone. Anesthesics can be quite tricky and require coordination with the surgeon sharing the airway.
Inhaled foreign body. This is a serious problem. When an object is inhaled, it can end up stuck in the throat (with coughing, choking, gagging), in the lungs (where it may or may not trigger cough), or in the stomach, where it will usually pass. Throat and respiratory inhalation require immediate care to dislodge or remove the object. Stomach ingestions can be watched for 72 hours to see if they pass on their own.