Can strabismus (cross eyes) be fixed by lazer surgery or intraocular lenses?

I'm afraid not. Neither of these surgeries will work, but there is a type of strabismus surgery that will often help. You need to seek a strabismus specialist.
Never. Crossed eyes is a problem with the strap muscles that point the eyeball. Operating on or in the eye will not change that. Eye surgeons with special training can operate on the involved muscles to gain a better alignment.
No. However fixing crossed eyes is a relatively brief surgical procedure. Discuss your situation with your ophthalmologist (eye surgeon).

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Will lazer surgery/intraocular lens fix strabismus/cross eyed?

Not usually. Laser eye or implant surgery will correct your prescription but strabismus will likely persist. Muscle surgery may be needed. On the other hand, if glasses or contacts correct your eye misalignment, laser or implant surgery may fix both problems. Read more...